Lightning Strikes Twice...

Carter Jackson never knew a spilled drink would change his life. But one Jack and Coke, and a ruined shirt later, the stakes have changed. Being a high roller at Azul Cielo Casino is no longer his objective. The new mission is to make Tiffany Lang his forever.

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place twice, but for Tiffany Lang, she’s managed to hit the jackpot—again.

Engaged, pregnant, new home and career, she has everything she once thought was lost. Yet the pain of her past haunts her and she’s afraid it could all fold.

But what do you do when the cards you’re dealt change? Do you call the bluff, or do you go all-in?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Carter has always been my love and this book is one I have been waiting patiently to read. I cannot lie when I say I was boohoo crying and my ovaries were totally lit and ready. The story of Tiff and Carter is one that you fall in love with so easily.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Phew, Tiffany finally went all-in!😜
Part 2 of the Carter and Tiffany's saga picked up with Tiffany getting ready to pop, but there's also some tension in the household. Seeing how these two navigate through it to get to the HEA was delightful.

Was I satisfied with All-In, part 2 of High Roller? Yes!
Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

V2 - All In - ML Preston - E-Cover