Undeniable Series

  Hardworking, straight-laced, driven Amaya Davis is quickly becoming a force to reckon with in the Miami sports marketing industry. She is taking a novice idea by Binnings Marketing and turning it into a multi-million dollar spin off and has the sports world by its balls. There is nothing that she can't handle except relationships, she just doesn't do relationships.

Nicholas Hansen, a reformed bad boy is carving out his own way. Not living on his family's fortune or name, he is out to prove to his dad that his carefree ways are behind him and that he is taking a more serious approach to life.

An art gallery opening brings these two forces together and Nicholas immediately recognizes Amaya as the girl from college that he always wanted, she recognizes him as the guy from graduation night that made her melt. It's been two years since they last saw each other both having fantasies that only the pillow could hear. All that pillow talk could not prepare them for the immense pleasure awaiting them when they decide to partner in business and the bedroom. But will baggage, insecurities and distrust cause this relationship to end before it begins or can love or handcuffs keep them together.
  When Amaya Davis decided to give love a chance, she had no idea of the whirlwind romance that Nicholas would unleash on her. From surprise trips, home cooked meals, and thoughtful gifts, he loves her unconditionally; and to her, he could do no wrong.

As for Nicholas Hansen, well, he finally got the girl of his dreams. The one he has been wanting since he laid eyes on her six years ago. He has vowed that he will do whatever it takes to keep her. But jealousy and envy prevail and open Pandora's box on their relationship.

Can Amaya look past all of this and continue in the relationship or will this prove to be the end?
  Learning to love again was the most difficult task for Amaya Davis. When she shed her insecurities, and took a full run at it, Nicholas managed to break her once again. Instead of cowering to her old ways, she stood on her new-found ground and made an honest attempt to move on. But with Nicholas fighting to break through her walls and regain her trust, she realizes her heart only belongs to him.

Now living in their forever with a baby on the way, and her new job with Nicholas as her boss, they seem to be heading towards the matrimony express. Yet some people won't take a hint.

Will Nick and Amaya have a happily ever after? Or will the villain get the victory?