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Falling For The Rockstar - ML Preston - E-Cover

Falling for the Rockstar

Arrogant. Delinquent. Hot as sin. All words that describe Simon Ashton, lead singer and major pain in the ass. His talent is out of this world—hence the arrogance. But if he doesn't clean up his act soon, he may find himself reliving the glory days from the discomfort of an empty mansion.
That's where I come in. Myka Johnson, PR rep to some of the industries hottest artist. I get results and make a lot of money doing it. So when Meteor Records hired me to work my magic on Osiris's leading man, I jumped at the chance.
There's only one problem—no one told be the job include falling for the rockstar.

You Won't Put This Down!


Storm Chasers

Grant Lawson

Chase, Ranch, Repeat. That has been my life for the past four years. No relationship to speak of nor was I looking for one.

That all changed the moment she walked into my life.

Tyler Simmons

Being a woman in this field of work isn't easy. It's not enough that you have all the accolades, they want you to be able to handle the physical as well. And I can, I just can't handle him.

Note: This contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.

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