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Meet Dana and Justin

Too much news is good for one thing: Writer’s Block. Stuck on deadline and head spun over reports about her Ex, Dana Langley closes herself off to get things done, but thanks to the word traffic jam, nothing is flowing. Her bestie/agent suggests she goes out of town to relax and de-stress so the mojo will come back. She heads to Escape, Colorado for a little downtime hoping that being off the grid is exactly what she needs.

Justin Parker wanted a fresh start after the contract with his previous job ended. He moved to Escape, bought the local hardware store, and opened up a lumber mill to centralize the need for building supplies in a growing community. For the past three years he’s managed to live his best life as a single man with no complications.

On the hunt for some sticky strips, Dana walks into Henderson’s Hardware and the atmosphere immediately changes when these two cross paths. Words begin to move for her and he begins to see things with a new perspective. The only problem is her stay is temporary.

Will Dana make a move to be a part of Justin’s life? Will he leave Escape behind for life in LA?

High Roller ML Preston E-Cover

#1 Best Seller

Tiffany Lang hit the jackpot when she married her college sweetheart. For seven years, she had it all; a successful husband, beautiful home, and an adorable son. But her winning streak came to a heartbreaking end when she discovered her husband balls-deep in another woman. Nine months later, Tiffany is divorced and adjusting to life as a single parent under the ever-flashing lights of Las Vegas. With her son now spending half his time at her ex’s, she longs for something to keep her busy. At the suggestion of her best friend, she takes a job as a cocktail waitress at one of Sin City's hottest establishments: Azul Cielo Casino.

Carter Jackson, a prominent entertainment lawyer from LA, is known as a high roller at Azul Cielo Casino, hosting private poker nights for his colleagues and sparing no expense. A last-minute staffing change puts Tiffany front and center at one of these gatherings, where she meets Carter. Their attraction to one another is instant and palpable, yet Tiffany vows to keep things between them professional. Carter’s charming persistence eventually wears her down and she agrees to meet for coffee. A harmless enough first date, right? Wrong. The line between ‘professional’ and ‘personal’ is quickly erased.

Life with a high roller is anything but boring - lavish parties, wild, unhinged sex. But then, something changes, raising the stakes in their relationship. And while Carter’s going all-in, willing to take the biggest of gambles on true love, Tiffany is hesitant. The sting of betrayal from her cheating ex is still there, holding her back. But the bet’s on her now. Will Tiffany call to see if Carter’s bluffing, and take a chance on love again? Or, will she fold and walk away from the table with nothing?


#1 Best Seller

12 Authors! 12 Steamy Stories! 1 Book! Get your copy of Seductive Temptation today!

Seductive Temptation is a limited edition collection of new, sexy BWWM romances, that will ignite your senses, and stimulate your deepest desires. Be prepared to be enamored with romantic tales that will leave you craving for more. This compilation is filled with alpha males and the bronze beauties they love.

Be warned, each story is a must-read tale that will tempt you to read long past your bedtime.

The stories in the collection are exclusive and can't be found anywhere else. Don't wait, this box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!

Note: This collection contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.

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Ada and Bradley Turn 1 on February 28th.

Ada Taylor is young, beautiful, a second-year professor of Biology at the University of Houston and a virgin. She's dated guys before and has "hand on" experience with men, but she never felt comfortable with going all the way with them. She takes her virtue as nothing to be spread around.

Bradley Harrington was a star wide receiver in high school, recruited by Blinn College and was well on his way to the NFL until he was sidelined by a career ending injury. He decided to use his talents in the sports field as a trainer. Taking classes at the University of Houston keeps him close to home with his mom and his two brothers and as a TA, and member of the local band Two Eight One, he is too busy to have a serious relationship and that helps keep him focused.

These two paths cross on day one of the fall semester and a friendship ensues after a rocky introduction. Is he the one she's been waiting for? Can she help him move forward and accomplish his goals? Class is in session!

Work in Progress - Rivals June 2019


All’s fair in war. There is no love...or is there? Game On!

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