Kisses Over Eggnog

Shani Evans

Most would describe my run-in with Caleb O’Neil, the rude, obnoxious, and extremely hot jerk who stole the only bottle of my favorite liquor right from under my nose as a chance encounter. I on the other hand see it and him as nothing more than an annoyance and inconvenience.
All I wanted was to make my famous eggnog and enjoy my first Texas Christmas in peace. Imagine my surprise when said asshole shows up at my neighbor’s Christmas Party. And now he wants to date me. I should turn him down, but how could I when I’m so damn attracted to him.

Caleb O’Neil

Who would have thought a fight over a pesky bottle of whiskey would lead to me finding the woman of my dreams. Shani is drop-dead gorgeous, curvy in all the right places, educated, and feisty—a deadly combination to any man with a pulse. And now, I’m pretty sure she hates my guts.
But color me surprised when I arrive at the holiday festivities to find the ballsy New Yorker standing in the center of my brother’s living room. She would have liked for me to leave well enough alone, but when I want someone, I won’t stop until she’s mine. Six days is all I need to convince her to be mine forever. I expect her to decline, but she shocks us both when she accepts. So, let the wooing begin.
KISSES OVER EGGNOG is a stand-alone, BWWM Christmas romance complete with a HEA. This book contains mature content and is suited for readers 18+.