Snowflakes and Mimosas


Life as a successful fashion designer is a whirlwind of tight deadlines, last-minute fixes, and unexpected curveballs. However, amidst the chaos, there's one annual reprieve I cherish—the Christmas getaway with my closest friends. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I had to cancel at the very last minute. Duty called, and there was no way around it. But as fate would have it, plans shifted, and dates were pushed back, granting me the unexpected gift of that much-needed mini-vacation. A cozy weekend awaited with my honorary sisters, spent by the crackling fire, sipping cocktails, and basking in holiday cheer. It sounded like a peaceful escape from my demanding life, but peace was not in the cards. I was in for a surprise when I arrived and discovered that my room had been assigned to none other than Dylan Griggs—the very man who had ghosted me after our brief yet fiery fling last year. What's worse than encountering the man who broke your heart? Try spending several days at a remote resort with him.


When I received an invitation to my sister-in-law's annual Christmas gathering, it didn't come as a surprise, and after the tumultuous year I've endured, I gladly accepted it as a chance to escape my turned-upside-down life. However, what did catch me off guard was her—LaTreese Duncan. She was just as I remembered her: fierce, sexy, and absolutely irresistible. Yet, it was clear she wanted nothing to do with me. A whole year had passed since I last saw her, and now, fate had a wicked sense of humor, forcing us to share the only available room for miles, complete with just one bed. It meant that she would be forced to hear me out, among other things. "Snowflakes and Mimosas" is a standalone BWWM Christmas romance that dives into both LaTreese and Dylan's perspectives, with mature content suitable for readers aged 18+, and promises a heartwarming HEA.