Simone Greene has been with Merit Investment Firm for three years and is one of their top account managers. She started from the bottom determined to climb the ladder of success and now runs her own team of eager beavers chasing checks and going all out to land top clientele; bringing more big names to the table.

Lucas Weathers has been with the company for two years, and managed to move into the top ranks alongside his nemesis. Comfortably in the number two spot, and not fazed by Simone’s princess demeanor, he’s pulling out the stops to go after the coveted position currently vacated by his former boss.

There is no love lost between these two. They’ve been taking jabs and sabotaging each other every chance they get. But while they were busy planning and plotting all the war games to reel in the top software company in the state, neither were able to close the deal and they lost the opportunity to another team member. The CEO admonishes them for their behavior and demands they straighten up or lose their job.

An evening of licking their wounds at a local bar turns into a night of passion they both didn’t see coming. Little do they know another shock is around the corner.

Now faced with having to deal with their tryst and recently shared news, these two must be civil towards each other. But all’s fair in war, right?