Wine Over Cocoa

Callie Radford

When I made plans with my besties for this Christmas season, it consisted of sandy beaches, luscious waves, and cabana boys. But instead of arriving in the Bahamas with a rum punch waiting for me, I’m zipping up my winter coat in the snowy plains of Denver, Colorado. When your boss needs you to finalize the deal on an important merger, you pack it up and suck it up.

What’s a one-day delay, right? The plan was simple. Show up, make nice, and ensure all of our needs are met in the deal and book it on the next thing smoking. Easy-peasy. What I didn’t expect was for this trip to shape up to be the worst I’ve ever had.

First, I’m somewhere I rather not be, and then some hot-as-sin jerk tries to take my luggage. Only to later be snowed in with said jerk in his massive suite after learning all flights have been grounded until further notice.

What’s the big deal? He’s handsome, obviously rich, and nice enough to help me out. The problem is, he’s my soon-to-be boss.

Ryan Griggs

While the rest of the world is wrapping gifts and preparing for holiday cheer, I’m on a last-minute stop to Denver in hopes of finalizing a deal before the New Year. Everything was in order. Show up, discuss any requested changes, and collect signatures on the dotted line, then get back to California as soon as possible. It’s a drop in the bucket, right?


Instead, I have my head nearly chewed off by the gorgeous vixen in baggage claims when I mistake her luggage for mine. Then I realize that I accidentally booked a rideshare with said vixen, who ignores me the entire way to the hotel. Just to learn that not only is she who I’m meeting with but she’s stranded in the middle of the unexpected snowstorm.

She has no place to go, so I suck up my pride and offer for her to stay with me. Tis the season, right? So we make a pact to let bygones be bygones and make the best of the situation. Only I didn’t expect to find her so damn tempting.

Wine Over Cocoa is a BWWM Christmas Romance and is the second book in the annual Christmas & Cocktail Series. All books in this series are stand-alone and end with an HEA.